Ant update

Well the Ant man came through and sent me some minion cocoons -  these were duly put into the Ant House and now the wait begins.

I keep checking the ant house looking for signs that they have hatched and started to care for the queen.  nothing ..........................

I did think there was some activity early yesterday morning when some of the sand fell down and a bit of 'black' ws sticking out of the sand   ---- Hurrah I thought ---- Ants

Nope - its a bit of soil sticking out of the sand.

I've put some sugary water in to feed the Queen and she has made a couple of tunnels through the sand,she's had her sand misted and carefully put in a position where the sun doesn't shine direct on her and is out of a draft (and she can see the telly)  - I really don't know why she needs workers to be her minions - obviously she has me!

Hopefully the worker ants will hatch soon and can take over my duties!