Ants again

Ant farm arrived yesterday and ants arrived today.......panic! After a frantic 20mins setting up their new home I eagerly opened the ant parcel.  Imagine my shock and disappointment when lthere  in the test tube was one queen ant. No workers or eggs... Panic set in.  There was an in depth check of the envelope had they escaped? Would I have to ant hunt in the garden? How would she survive without minions to bring her food, how will she build a home for her babies. Or worse without little boy minions will she have babies?  Ant man to the rescue.  A quick email conversation later Queen ant is happy in her new house and minions in the shape of cocoons are on the way (free of charge) to worship and work for their supreme leader.  Panic over. Now I'm watching the ant house for any sign of her. I really don't think I can handle this stress.  Running beavers is a doddle compared to setting up the ant colony.  I think I'll leave the worms to another day.