Ants  and what to feed them

Ants and what to feed them

Following on from yesterdays post about an ant farm - I was asked by the ever enquiring Daniel - what are we going to feed the ants on - that was after he got over his shock of Ants living at Beavers and being able to take them home for a week! - I am 'the best' - I may have to get a badge to wear so everyone know this fact.

With me being the absolute authority on ants (not) I've had to resort to my best friend Mr Google and have found out the following.

We are getting Lasius Niger ants - better known as Black garden ants - yes the same as those little horrors that creep into your house and infest kitchens.  We are getting a Queen ant and several workers for our colony as you need a queen to boss them all around and make them work.  Apparently Google informs me that the Queen ant can live up to 29 years so I may be seen sneaking around the park to find her a nice new home once we give up our colony - I don't think the Church will let us keep an ant colony on the window cill for 29 years - they get twitchy if we leave stuff for a week!

Black garden ants eat anything from leftovers, soft fruits, seeds, to other small insects. They can also frequently be seen farming honeydew from aphids (well ours won't).  Further investigations have been made and you can buy mealworms, little bugs and other assorted goodies that ants love to munch and there is the option to buy some special ant jelly which they can feed on that as well as bits of fruit and seeds should mean that our colony of ants will thrive - apparently colonys can have up to 10,000 workers - now that's a scary thought.

Worms are apparently much easier - left overs (but not meat), leaves and grass and they are happy - I am going to dig these up out of the garden and I can't get a delivery of worms on the internet (well not a small delivery - they come by the bucket load and we only need 4 or 5)

Phew - who thought Ants could cause so much internet activity