Coming soon

Coming soon

Well - after a long debate and a very full and frank discussion with young Mr Bolton at the coffee morning  who extoled the merits of Ants and how wonderful they are I've made the decision to get our Beaver colony our very own Ant colony!

AARGH! I can hear you scream but apparently Ants are really interesting and to quote Daniel ' absolutely facinating' and I had to agree with him that given a choice I would be an ant as they are really strong and clever which on reflection sounds just like me anyway.  So long story short I've bitten the bullet and ordered an ant farm and some ants.  We'll use this to learn all about working together (I've ordered a queen ant and several workers so this will happen) how a group live together and the importance of working as a team - for a small bribe I'll emphasis the importance of doing this at home starting with keeping bedrooms clean smiley

The beavers will get the chance to bring the colony home for a week to look after it - this will go towards their pet lover badge as even loads of them have pets only Finn has brought in evidence to complete his badge.

Watch this space - that well know river is delivering them this week so I should have them for our next meeting!

Oh and for those who can't bear ants - I've ordered a worm farm as well  laugh